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Amy has a long history of stage performance and public speaking including over 50 feature performances as a spoken word artist. Currently she is available for presentations to other therapists, educators, and parents on topics related to child development including play skills, beginner handwriting skills, parenting, and more.


"Amy Baez is a remarkable individual and a clear, powerful, articulate speaker. Her mastery of words, her charm and her poise all lend themselves to an experience that allows an audience to feel comfortable, trusting and receptive to the clear content of her talks."

~ Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister & CEO, Unity on the Bay

“No matter the topic or setting, Amy Baez always brings a personal touch to her presentations by sharing a related personal story engaging the audience immediately. She is a special talent that makes any presentation not just educational but enjoyable.” 

~ Deborah Magdalena, Actress & Founder, Spoken Soul Festival 

“Amy is a force on stage and not one to be missed!”


~ Michelle Massanet, Producer & Director, Garnet Productions

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